The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic has turned the tide for employers who need critical employees. What was once a candidate driven market is now an employer’s market.  In the recent past, we experienced stiff competition for worthy candidates.  Now things are different, and it is not only the social distancing.  With a projection of unemployment rising towards 15%, and growing uncertainty for those who are still employed, candidates that were once passive are now open to new opportunities.  An increase in unemployment and uncertainty results in a leverage shift from the candidate to the employer.


To capitalize on this shift, employers look to executive search experts that keep the pulse on the labor market. Passive candidates have started listening; trusting their advisors in the executive search arena that have extensive knowledge across the industry.  Candidates trust third parties due to their concentration and focus in the marketplace. Now, with new upheaval in the market, candidates are in competition with one another for desirable positions.  Employers have an opportunity to attract top tier talent now more than ever. What was recently a candidate driven market has now extended flexibility to their candidate selection.


Employers relying on third party search firms like Cemco Systems have the advantage. Top talent has always been difficult identify, not to mention hire and retain. During this time, your trusted search partners will act as an extension of your brand; understanding the exact type of candidate you need, and open avenues for talent you need to move forward.


How Cemco Systems Can Help:


  • We identify what sets you apart from other employers, especially your competitors.
  • We understand what contributes to retention and turnover at your company.
  • We dig deep to uncover hot-button topics important to candidates.
  • We analyze you career website to ensure it speaks to your brand and target candidates.
  • We act quickly to differentiate your company as an employer serious about attracting top talent.


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