Technology is constantly transforming, creating new opportunities and risk in the business world. How do you keep up with evolving technology trends and the rising cybersecurity threats we face daily? In today’s dynamic business environment, you cannot become stagnant.  You must embrace the power of digital technologies and transform your organization in ways that enable you to compete and outperform.  Over the last 40 years, we have witnessed and adapted to an incredible technological transformation.   This journey is one that any business leader can learn from.

Digital Transformation is the use of new technology to solve problems and improve efficiency.  Technologies used in digital transformation projects include IoT (Internet of Things), blockchain, big data, cloud computing, AI, and machine learning. For example, cloud computing reduces reliance on user owned hardware and increases reliance on subscription-based cloud services.  In general, new technologies improve the end user experience, modernize growth, and secure IT infrastructure.

The transformation is more than simply adding technology. Digital Transformation is a disruptive way of thinking. Every Digital Transformation strategy must address front-end development, internal systems and culture.  Organizations must embrace cultural change and new ways of thinking in order to maximize digital transformation.  More than 80% of businesses struggle with new technology initiatives because, for one reason or another, they do not change their culture to keep up.  Cemco Systems has found success in identifying and filling the gap between culture and technology.  We focus on hiring talent to perform in a digital age, efficient execution, and the use of information to drive progress.

With 40 years of experience we take a consultative approach in understanding our clients’ business model to deliver world class talent that drives their technology initiatives. This means our clients can maximize value of technology to exceed customer expectations. Evolving business process and strategy into a digital-first mindset can overwhelm many organizations. Together, we set ambitious new goals, unshackle teams from legacy systems and equip employees to use technology to achieve far more, far faster. We also help you use data to uncover, anticipate and capture market needs and opportunities. We know that data is an essential asset to drive revenue growth.  We’ll empower you to use data you already have and access new data to drive new capabilities, spur innovation and stimulate growth in enterprise value. It all adds up to pushing your organization forward on the path to digital transformation. This is not a singular idea but a commitment to a new way of thinking, and doing, in a world that is constantly evolving. Together, we’ll work through the changes.

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