Technology vs. Human Interface

A top IT executive search firm has access to a candidate pool that is not easily found online or through social media connections alone: literally thousands of relationships with people whose careers the firm has helped build across decades. Technology can create a candidate pool by word matching between online resumes and your list of skill requirements. Only a trusted and proven IT recruiter has the human network and credibility to get those candidates to respond to a phone call or email about a job opportunity.  A deeply experienced IT recruiter also knows how to listen for nuances that prove whether a candidate is truly qualified and whether the candidate will mesh with your team’s culture. This expertise helps instill confidence in both the employers and candidates.

A Better Candidate Pool

Over multiple decades, we have continuously identified and focused on top-tier candidates to provide our clients with the best talent pool.  We do not simply source just anyone; we search with a purpose to deliver the top 20% of talent that matches each client’s needs. This process continuously expands our premium talent database that may be tapped whenever our clients have a need.

Many of our candidates rely on us to monitor the job market and bring them the best opportunities.  These passive candidates are not active on the market, are not found on search platforms, and they will not come to you directly or through another recruiter.  If you find them, they may not even pick up your phone call.   They WILL answer their trusted recruiter who has built a relationship with them.  We have built and nurtured these relationships over the years with one thing in mind:  building an exclusive database of top quality candidates for our clients.

There are still more ways to build a better candidate pool.  Cultivating long-term relationships with clients and candidates produces high quality referrals.  The successful placement of referrals is a testament of the trust instilled in an experienced recruiter. Additionally, an experienced recruiter continuously identifies companies with comparable IT environments and proactively recruits candidates successfully performing in similar roles.

These are a few of the methods an experienced recruiting firm utilizes to create a superior candidate pool.  In order to fill your more challenging positions, you may need the expertise of an experienced recruiter to gain access to a better pool of candidates.

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