When it comes to selecting an IT search firm, we understand there are many options. Our clients have chosen to work with a firm that has 30 plus years of time-tested experience and an unmatched record of success in the industry.

In 1993 we were a professional IT recruiting firm that had been in business for 15 years working with a number of local Midwest corporate clients and consulting firms. While approaching one of the world’s leading technology and consulting firms, we contacted a Principal in their newly expanding consulting services organization, who was in the process of growing a practice for a new enterprise software solution that was being developed in Germany. This new software called SAP, with its fully integrated business modules was taking Europe by storm.

By successfully finding and delivering a Global Director for this practice, we became the first preferred SAP Recruiting Partner for IBM. In the next 10 years we were instrumental in helping them grow to be one of the pre-eminent SAP consulting practices in the world. For more than 25 years we have been instrumental in building emerging technology practices for a number of tier one consulting organizations and Fortune 1000 companies. We continue to excel in that arena today.

Looking into the future: The challenge of transitioning to the cloud and finding the people to do it.

Emerging technologies are changing faster than ever. As an example, SAP requires a transition to the cloud – S4 HANA – by 2025. If you don’t already have a roadmap, you’ve fallen behind. The keys to a successful cloud migration strategy are ensuring that the applications dependent on that data face minimal disruption and the migration is completed within budget. Having the right talent working on your migration will ensure a successful transition.

Today, unemployment is at a 30 year low. That’s under 2 percent. Finding top tier talent has become an increasing challenge. Identifying passive candidates and capturing their interest will be the key to success.

Waiting for active candidates to apply is an ineffective strategy. The labor market is slim and competition is intense. Job seekers have the advantage. Qualified professionals are not actively looking. They are already working. If they ARE looking, they likely have multiple job offers. Employers need to look towards the candidate that is not necessarily on the market. Passive candidates are successful in their current roles. Those are the types of professionals you need on your projects.

The problem is, sourcing passive candidates is a challenging task. Given their success in current roles, they may not be looking to make a career change. Recruiting highly qualified, passive candidates takes strategy, time and relationship building. If you are not willing to invest in that process, you will not be successful in acquiring the talent you need to execute your cloud transformation.

This is where a professional recruiter can be valuable. It is the recruiter’s job to build a relationship. A recruiter should be a master of identifying passive candidates, capturing their interest and ultimately finding the perfect fit. Understanding your needs as an employer and having the pulse on the IT Labor Market, a recruiter should know exactly where to look.

As a firm with 30+ years’ experience sourcing passive candidates, we know this works. Cemco systems was there when IBM needed to build their SAP practice 25 years ago, and we’ll be there to help firms transition into the future of the cloud and emerging technologies.


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